Scambio giovanile in Palestina (18-30 anni)

Scambio giovanile in Palestina (18-30 anni)

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YAP Italia cerca 4 partecipanti e 1 group leader per lo scambio giovanile in Palestina “IDENTITY THROUGH HERITAGE” che si svolgerà dal 28 Ottobre al 08 Novembre a Ed-Dahariyeh, vicino Hebron. Il tema del progetto è l’influenza del patrimonio culturale e storico sulle identità culturali delle popolazioni. Scadenza per presentare le candidature: 30 Settembre 2016.

28.10.2016 – 08.11.2016
Ed-Dahariyeh, Hebron, Palestine

Hosting organization: Association d’Echanges Culturels Hébron-France (AECHF)
Dates: October 28th to November 08th 2016 (arrival day: October 28, departure day: November 08th)
NOTE! the group leaders should arrive on 26th of October to have a preparation meeting with local host organisation AECHF
Place: Ed-Dahariyeh, city to the South West of Hebron – South Cisjordane
City that had its historic center (Ottoman period) recently restored, with a guesthouse and a cultural center, situated between the mountainous and urban region and the desert (Bedouin).
Participant organisations: AECHF (Palestine), Solidarités Jeunesses (France), YAP – Youth Action for Peace (Italy), Baladna (Israel)
Topic: Multimple identities linked to the place and cultural heritage. How does the heritage influence cultural identities.

Suggested activities:
– Discussions and sharing different visions and points of view on the topic. Each participant should bring with him/her an object that reflects his/her identity and heritage, and to make a presentation of it in front of all the participants;
– Cultural presentations, activities by group, participants his/her city and its heritage;
– Workshop about their definition of heritage and identity; discussion about the questions mentioned above;
– Exchanges with local guests from Hebron and the region to speak about identity from their points of view
– Discussions with experts from the Institut français du Proche-Orient (IFPO) : modern history, identity, etc;
– visits to archaeological and historic sites and exchanges with local people and experts as well as quiz to participants regarding the local heritage of Hebron region.
– Create testimonials from foreigners or with people of foreign origins who live in a different place since a long period of time. Do they still feel foreigners? Do people always see them as foreigners?
– possible discussion with of “Route 60” film director to speak about Palestinian identity.
Participants profile: 18-30 y.o. (the group leaders may be older)

Financial conditions: According to the Erasmus+ programme.
Accommodation and food covered
Travel costs are reimbursed up to 400 EUR (including roundtrip and visa expenses!)
NB! In order to receive the reimbursement the participants have to present the necessary documentation:
– Invoice of the travel company
– Travel tickets
– Boarding passes
– Visa copy and invoice
– Visa request related travel proofs

PER CANDIDARSI è necessario compilare il modulo d’iscrizione in inglese disponibile sul sito di YAP Italia ed inviarlo via email a: LTV@YAP.IT entro le ore 12 del 30 Settembre 2016.


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